Xtra Immunity reduced blood pressure

I have more feedbacks for you and this I have noted for myself. My friend has had a stroke a number of years ago despite being only 51 now. Since then, she has to closely monitor her Blood Pressure (BP). Lately her BP has been extremely high and her usual medication was not bringing it down. As she has recently sold her flat and is renting a room in my home, I automatically put her on the SCD Probiotics Xtra Immunity® which I take.

She has now been taking it regularly for just over a week and the mind blowing headaches have just become a dull ache and the BP has came down dramatically. She was often sitting on 176/115 but lately has settled in at around 138/100. I am sure this will reduce even more and will keep you updated.

She also informed me last night that since childhood her bowel movement was erratic and she would sometimes go up to 3 weeks with no motion or whatsoever. Since taking SCD Probiotics Xtra Immunity® however, her tummy is now regular and her bowels go daily!! I suspect she will now lose the weight that has accumulated around her waist area, which she could not get rid of and I will monitor this for you as well.