SCD Probiotics – Cattle and Turkey Farms

Experience using SCD Probiotics Products in Cattle and Turkey Farms

We have used SCD Probiotics products on our farm for over 8 years. We have a 300 acre grass farm where we raise purebred Gelbvieh cattle, which has evolved into a naturally grown beef business. Hidden Hollow Naturally Grown Beef promises that our animals have never been exposed to any herbicides or pesticides. We also guarantee that our animals have never been given any hormones or antibiotics. SCD Probiotics has made this possible, keeping our farm and animals healthy, with less pests.

We are also contract growers for Cargill, we produce over 60,000 turkeys a year. Our initial experience with SCD Probiotics was for odor control at a rate of 1-500 in the bird’s water. We quickly observed other benefits such as healthier turkeys, better feed conversion, and higher livability. In 2004 we were Cargill #1 Grade A Producer and always in the top 10. As an end result, we use less medicines and chemicals which mean better profits for us.

We have taken SCD Probiotics products to all aspects of our farming operation, our goal is to protect the microbes on our farm and in return they protect us through a healthier soil, which produces healthier forages, which in return produces healthier animals. We believe if our food sources are chemical free and healthier, we will have a healthier society. We have achieved this in our small world and whole heartedly give all the credit to SCD Probiotics products.

Eddie and Rhonda Heimericks – Hidden Hollow