Probiotics boosts energy

In 1997, I was diagnosed with candida while in the ICU (13 years ago) and being a busy single parent with two children, I never paid any further attention to it. In 2005, I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2. One of the main symptoms of these both ailments is tiredness. I can tell you, I felt as though I was dying a little each day – tasks which I used to complete in one go, I had finally broken up into 4 sessions and energy just wasn’t there to carry me through.

Just over a month ago I had a really bad dose of candida, felt so bloated and I thought my skin was going to pop. I saw Sharon who is a supplier of SCD Probiotics, we chatted and I don’t remember how it came about but I told her I had candida, I bought a bottle and my life has turned 180 degrees. From the first day I had so much energy, I stayed awake until 3am, the feeling of health and energy has remained and the other things I have experienced are as follows:

Every person that has taken SCD Probiotics feels an improvement.

I have noticed that it works for the following:

  • No more bloating.
  • I am regular now.
  • Lost all my belly fat.
  • Loads of energy, which enables me to complete tasks the way I used to.
  • No more aching leg muscles and when I climb to stairs, I don’t feel as though all the blood has run out of my legs.
  • Cancer sores on my hands and arms have disappeared.
  • No more brain fog.
  • Sugar levels are reducing.

I used to say a million times during the day that ‘I am so tired’ and now I realized I don’t say it anymore. A big thank you to whoever formulated SCD Probiotics.

Kind regards,
Sue Mackay