Probiotics eliminate pink eye in livestock

From a Beef Rancher in California, MO:

We have used SCD Bio Livestock® on our farm for over 8 years. We have a 300 acre grass farm where we raised purebred Gelbvieh cattle, which has evolved into a naturally grown beef business. Hidden Hollow Naturally Grown Beef promises that our animals have never been exposed to any herbicides or pesticides. We also guarantee that our animals have never been given any hormones or antibiotics. SCD Bio Livestock® has made this possible, keeping our farm and animals healthy, with less pests.

We have done different things for pink eye, but I think I like just straight SCD Bio Livestock® into the eye once or twice a day. We used a spray bottle and when we fed them, we just walked along the feed bunk. When we caught one with a runny eye, we would give it a couple shots. One would be enough, but sometimes we would miss. After a day or two, they don’t mind it as it seems they can tell it helps. This summer, our friends had their herd bull catch pink eye. He would come up so they could spray his eye every day, and it totally healed in a few days without any scars. Someone with big herds (calves or young animals that usually get pink eye) could put a four wheeler sprayer on and spray eyes that way. We have done that, but usually it isn’t necessary. If it would take that much to do a herd, I believe mixing ½ : ½ SCD Bio Livestock® : water would be okay.