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EM•1® Soil Treatment Guidelines:

Prepare the soil with lots of organic matter. On farms, we have growers applying 5-10 tons per acre per year. Compost, worm casting, or fermented food waste would work.

Spray soil till wet with a solution of 1 ounce EM•1® per gallon of water. You can use a hose end sprayer and set at 1oz per gallon. We are shooting for roughly 40 gallons per acre per year of Activated EM•1®. Generally, we suggest applying up to 3 gallons per acre per week of Activated EM•1 throughout the growing season.

Follow up with weekly foliar spraying as follows:

EM•1® Foliar Treatment Guidelines:

  • EM•1® foliar treatments are best applied in the morning before 10 am or in the early evening after 5pm.
  • A hose-end sprayer is recommended to use for application of the EM•1®. If a garden hose cannot access the garden a handheld or tank sprayer will work.
  • EM•1® can be added to water or foliar spray solutions that include liquid fertilizers, mineral supplements, or teas.  Add the EM•1® to the spray solution just before application.
  • You can use 1oz per gallon to spray all landscape plantings.
  • For best results, spray at least once per week, but no more than once daily.

Calculate how much EM•1 you need:

Size Amount EM•1® per year Amount Activated EM•1®
per week
1 Acre (43,560sq feet) 2 gallons >1 gallon
1,000 square feet 5.88 ounces 2.5 ounces
100 square feet 0.58 ounces 0.24 ounce /half teaspoon
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