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Growing A Beautiful Lawn with Effective Microorganisms®Lawncare

A great looking lawn can give a tremendous amount of satisfaction to any homeowner and improve the value of your home.  Please visit the Sensible Gardener and Landscaper to learn more about lawns and turf.  Remember, the most important factor to successful gardening is to have nutrient rich soil that is loaded with beneficial microbes.  Effective Microorganisms® is an essential part of a successful program.  In addition to our EM® Organic Soil Conditioners, Fertilizer Amendments & Compost Accelerants, you can also add humates and Mycorrhizal inoculants.

Recommendations for a successful EM•1® Program:

  1. In the spring apply 1 pound EM•1®  Bokashi per 100 square feet of lawn and 1 pound Terra Powder per 1,000 square feet.
  2. Apply the EM•1® with a hose-end sprayer, backpack sprayer, or inject EM•1® into an irrigation system once per week from end of frost to hard frost. It is best to apply EM•1® in the mornings or evenings, before or after rainfall/irrigation, and after mowing.
  3. Use with organic or conventional fertilizers.
  4. Use a "mulching mower" to chop and re-deposit grass clippings. Spray EM•1® on the turf after mowing. This enables the clippings to rapidly breakdown into stable organic matter for the soil. Organic matter particles provide a home for EM•1® to establish in the soil.
Frequency Rate
Every 1-4 weeks 1.5 oz / 100 square feet, 15 oz/ 1000 square feet, or 5 gallons per acre
Sprayer setting: 1 ounce EM•1® per gallon water (1:100)
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