Skin has improved amazingly with SCD Probiotics

My personal experience with SCD Probiotics is as follows:

I was only expecting an improvement in a way of balancing my colon, so a lot of these other areas are a bonus and I was not looking for them. I do take 3 Tbsp. every morning – once a day. I am a systematic person when it comes to taking meds/vitamins daily. When I washed the SCD Probiotics dose container (45mls for 3 Tbsp.) after using, I pour the water onto an African violet leaf which I am striking in the kitchen. It has gone insane and has flourished with about twelve baby leaves!!

I personally have been on it for 5-6 weeks now (on my second bottle) and I definitely benefited from it in numerous ways. I guess it works differently in each person depending on what areas microbes need to adjust. To mention a few for your interest that I have noticed:

1. My energy levels have increased dramatically. (I do not smoke or drink or eat unhealthy in the first place but I think fatigue comes from long hours of work, general daily stress, and age…natural slow down). So to get up easily in the mornings and work easily in the evenings after a day’s work is a great bonus for me personally. I also used to grab the chance for an afternoon nap if I could get it, but now that is no longer as critical as I am not so tired by the weekend. I must admit that I am a bit afraid that my body will get “used” to it and I will go back to being tired again.

2. My skin has improved amazingly – not that it was bad, but I am amazed that I have big pores on my face and am convinced that my skin is softer, healthier, and the pores have decreased quite a bit (More that I could get out of a top cosmetic product for pores … at R400 a lotion years ago…it was a huge spoiling, but I was not impressed).

3. My colon has improved – less bloating and now I do not have to take meds to assist me as often. I still do occasionally have to take something to assist including extra fruit. I understand that SCD Probiotics is not a “cure all”, but I feel that it has helped me about 60% in this area. I had food poisoning last week whilst traveling to Cape Town. I was very ill, but my quick recovery was amazing as I am usually exhausted the day after about of this. The next morning I was up and hungry, and ready to go! I have to put this down to SCD Probiotics.

4. I was surprised at being able to get off the bed and switch on the ceiling fan with no joint aches – that caught me by surprise! Then I realized, it must be SCD Probiotics. I still have some stiffness, but not nearly as much. I used to say to my colleague at work that when I get up from bed I feel like 60 years old, but by the time I get down the passage and to the kitchen, it’s like I am 50 again. For once, I get all the joints going! Now I am getting from 60 to 50, a lot quicker!! (I am 50 years old).

Lauren Vice