Composting with probiotics


Indoor Composting

Dear SCD,

I learned of Bokashi in 2007 when I ordered my first Happy Farmer set from SCD. My hard, clay soil has been transformed over the years, thanks to year-round applications of Bokashi composted kitchen and yard waste. I am so grateful.

Under the leadership of new library staff, our local library is sponsoring a summer “Diggin’ into Reading” program and each week’s theme is entitled, “Diggin’ into….” Last Thursday I gave a program called “Diggin’ Into Produce” where I had 50+ elementary school kids, match vegetables to plants, make a salad, hear about our new Farmer’s Market, plant watermelon seeds, and have a seed spitting contest (no small feat when all the local stores sell only seedless watermelons!).

The highlight, however, was the introduction to composting. I had asked them what plants need to grow. In order, their answers were: sun, rain, dirt, Miracle Grow! What a seque! I told them I made my own miracle grow and proceeded to describe how. There was a bag of kitchen waste, a bag of finished product, and my Happy Farmer Bucket. I had them smell the first two and then I opened the bucket. Everyone wanted a whiff! I added the kitchen waste and the Bokashi and my trash bag on top to minimize air. They were fascinated. I LOVE the fact that the bucket made composting portable and, hence, very teachable, something just not possible with traditional methods unless you are “on site.”

So, again, my thanks to SCD Probiotics for bringing Consortia Probiotics Technology to the US, especially to Missouri! I’ve just ordered a replacement bucket as my lid is cracked and my spigot leaks after six years of constant use. Not bad, not bad at all!

Charlotte Phillips
Cameron, MO