EM•1® Soil Treatment Guidelines:

Prepare the soil with lots of organic matter.

Spray till wet with a solution of 1 ounce EM•1® per gallon of water.  You can use a hose end spray and set at 1oz per gallon.

EM•1® Foliar Treatment Guidelines:

  • EM•1® foliar treatments are best applied in the morning before 10 am. and in the evening after 3pm.
  • A hose-end sprayer is recommended to use for application of the EM•1®. If a garden hose cannot access the garden a handheld or tank sprayer will work.
  • EM•1® can be added to water or foliar spray solutions that include liquid fertilizers, mineral supplements, or teas. Add the EM•1® to the spray solution just before application.
  • You can use 1oz per gallon to spray flowers.
  • For best results, spray at least once per week, but no more than once daily.

Cut Flowers:
One of the biggest problems with cut flowers is that they wilt (called shrink in the floral industry). Florists use all kinds of synthetic products to treat and attempt to prevent this from happening. EM•1® is a great way to keep from having to use these chemicals at home, and the flowers with stay fresh longer too.

Just add EM•1® to their water. It will keep the gunk from forming in the water and will also prevent the water from starting to smell, while keeping your cut flowers beautiful and fresh longer.

Extend the bloom time of your favorite cut flowers by adding just 1 teaspoon of EM•1® per gallon of water.

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