Growing great tasting highly nutritious vegetables starts from the soil.  Be sure to produce the best soil possible.  This starts with building soil structure with high populations of beneficial microorganisms and nutrients.  We offer several ways to do this in our site.  These include making compost, making bokashi with plant and/or animals manures and fermented food wastes.  Use all these methods and combine with weekly applications of EM•1® and soon you'll be producing nutrient dense vegetables that have better flavor and last about twice as long as store-bought produce.

EM•1® Soil Treatment Guidelines:

Prepare the soil with lots of organic matter.  Refer to the Compost, Bokashi Method and Fermented Food Waste information in this site for some ideas.

Soil can also be conditioned with our EM•1® Rice Bran Bokashi.  For a 100x4 foot bed (400 square feet), we would use 20lbs of the EM•1® Bokashi.

Spray till wet with a solution of 1 ounce EM•1® per gallon of water.  If you have an irrigation system, you can get a fertilizer injector and set it to 1:128 and treat with EM•1® once per week in your irrigation cycle and treat with a nutrient solution once per month.  If using organic fertilizers such as fish emulsion, you can mix together at a rate of 50/50 and run through the irrigation system together.

EM•1® Foliar Treatment Guidelines:

Foliar treatments are a great way to increase available nutrients, especially ones that do not travel up the plant, to increase nutrient levels near the fruits. This is done at least once per week starting at sprouting and going all the way up to day of harvest.  The vitamins, enzymes, and all other nutrients in EM•1® help support vigorous plant growth and pull in other nutrients in the foliar mix.Foliar Spraying

You can use a hose end sprayer and set at 1oz per gallon and follow these guidelines at least once per week.

  • EM•1® foliar treatments are best applied in the morning before 10 am. and in the evening after 3pm or 4pm.
  • A hose-end sprayer is recommended to use for foliar application of the EM•1®. If a garden hose cannot access the garden a handheld sprayer or tank sprayer will work.
  • EM•1® can be added to water or foliar spray solutions that include liquid fertilizers (conventional and organic), mineral supplements, or teas. Add the EM•1® to the spray solution just before application.
  • You can use 1oz per gallon to spray flowers.
  • For best results, spray at least once per week, but no more than once daily.
  • Spray leaves until moist.
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